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omnichannel retailingFAQ

Is smart vending part of omnichannel retailing?

Smart vending machines are considered an essential aspect of omnichannel retailing. Smart vending machines are the bridge between online shopping and bricks-and-mortar retailing. Omnichannel retailing is defined as a strategy that focuses…
January 29, 2021

Is smart vending considered e-commerce?

Smart vending machines are considered a form of e-commerce because the transaction is conducted by the customer using the Internet. SMRT1 Pod Smart vending machines are cloud-connected so they access information from…
January 29, 2021

Do smart vending machines protect data?

Smart vending machines utilize a powerful pc which can provide interactive and engaging experiences for consumers. SMRT1 stores all encrypted data with 256-bit encryption best practices.  Coupled with our Linux operating system,…
January 28, 2021
Market GrowthFAQ

Do smart vending machines make money?

Smart vending machines make more money than traditional vending machines. Smart vending machines have a higher average sale because they take more types of payments, they attract more attention because they have…
January 28, 2021
How doFAQ

How do smart vending machines work?

Smart vending machines are part of the IoT or “Internet of things” which means that machines are connected to the Internet cloud. This allows smart vending machines to access everything on the…
January 28, 2021