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SMRT1 Technologies is a technology company based in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. We specialize in interactive, cloud-connected, smart dispensing solutions that provide engaging, frictionless, convenient, customer experiences. Make informed data-driven decisions with our tailored real-time dashboard analytics.

Our Mission

SMRT1 Technologies delivers great customer experiences for smart and healthy communities by connecting innovative retail solutions that safely dispense essential products and information – anytime, anywhere.

Our Vision

To provide universal, convenient, accessible, and trusted automated self-service solutions to connect the world.

Our Values

SMRT1 Technologies strives to drive innovation with passion and commitment while respecting our employees, our customers and our communities growing our business and each other with trust and honesty in a way that makes us proud.

Meet Our Team

Brad Pommen
President & Founder

Brad Pommen

Brad is a technology enthusiast and a leader in STEM initiatives. He is a graduate of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and after a career as a programmer and developer in Alberta; he moved to Nelson BC. It was in Nelson that Brad started MIDAS Fab Lab prototyping and commercialization facility in Trail, BC as their director. He also founded the Nelson Tech Club Hackerspace in 2010 which grew to over 500 registered members, It was here that SMRT1's cloud-connected vending machines were born as a way to keep up with the demand for new parts from excited club members. Brad is passionate about driving SMRT1's strategy and continually improving the SMRT1 PODs in response to market needs such as COVID safety. He's excited about the talented team and the sectors that SMRT1 PODs can serve. Brad's dream vending machine would dispense perfectly cooked bacon...and then morph into a motorcycle.
Terry Van Horn

Terry Van Horn

Terry brings to SMRT1 16 years of experience in partnership and relationship building in business development and investment attraction. Terry was instrumental in creating the KAST GLOWS program in 2007 promoting science and technology careers and after 13 years the program continues to inspire regional youth. Terry's strong reputation, passion for technology and her network are key to SMRT1's business development strategy. As Executive Director of the Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation; Terry led the award-winning Metal Tech Alley branding strategy, promoting the BC region's cluster of great minds and opportunities in metallurgical science and digital fabrication, industrial recycling and Big Data in the Industrial Internet of Things; which supported the region’s leap into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Terry is excited by the SMRT1's team passion, the potential for smart vending to improve lives and the excitement that comes with developing a timely and emerging market. Terry's perfect vending machine would dispense a perfectly fitted golf club.
Margret Jennings
VP, Operations

Margret Jennings

Margret brings to SMRT1 Technologies a background in Community Economic Development with over 15 Years of that focused on the technology sector. Margret specializes in helping software development companies grow and scale up -- a skill she honed while building the Okanagan Science and Technology Association. She has experience in areas such as Project Management, Business Development, Organizational Development, Human Resource/Recruiting and Corporate Finance oversight and is guiding SMRT1's creation of systems, processes and organizational structure with a keen eye towards what's needed for future stability. Marg is excited to be a part of SMRT1 to "Be a part of growing and scaling up a cool technology company with a global potential from rural BC. Also, to be able to work with a super passionate team who are all “in it” together. Margret's perfect vending machine would dispense a great adventure!
Michelle Brisebois
Marketing Strategist & Consultant

Michelle Brisebois

Michelle specializes in e-commerce retailing strategies.She's contributed to Canadian Vending Magazine for 17 years writing on payment and consumer trends. Michelle has a BASc from The University of Guelph and a Digital Marketing Certificate from McMaster University and has worked for: Patheon Pharmaceuticals, Rich Products, Meridian Credit Union and Andrew Peller Limited. She worked on APL's retail marketing strategies and then managed Trius Winery for 6 years as well as the Direct to Consumer and E-Commerce channels. Michelle is a part time marketing professor at Niagara College and has worked with SMRT1 on their marketing strategy since 2018 building awareness, market targeting and segmentation. She is thrilled to be part of a talented team in a growing sector of e-commerce. Michelle's perfect vending machine would dispense a chilled bottle of bone dry sparkling wine and oysters on the half shell.
Creative Media

Justin Joffe

Justin grew up pursuing various creative outlets and an interest in mechanics. He eventually became swept up in the emerging tide of technologies, production tools and techniques such as digital photography, video, 3D and interactive media. Justin's technological expertise coupled with his artistic eye are ensuring that SMRT1's consumer experience is beautiful and engaging. He is excited to be part of SMRT1's revolutionizing of the antiquated vending machine industry, and Justin enjoys working with a great group of talented people. He lives in Nelson BC and loves time-lapse photography, cinematography, biking, hiking, and snowboarding. Justin's dream vending machine dispenses musical instruments and accessories.
Kevin Suggitt
Product Developer

Kevin Suggit

Kevin brings to SMRT1 over 20 years of experience developing software solutions for businesses and nonprofit organizations, including: ride sharing, boat tracking, health care operations and data tracking, tourism, gaming, and online learning. Kevin is excited to be part of SMRT1 Technologies because he sees "Explosive potential to contribute needed solutions to the world, with an amazing group of professionals to work with, a creative working environment, lots of cool tech to play with – where do I sign up?" Kevin's perfect vending machine would dispense locally made products and services. Imagine Amazon, only an open peer-to-peer retail platform emphasizing local economies, and fueling sustainable production.
Gregg Coppen
Product Designer

Gregg Coppen

Gregg has studied web design and animation at Mediatek and business at UCT Graduate school of business. He is a Drupal and animation expert and is vital to SMRT1's customer experience development. Gregg's skills in articulating the overall vision and direction of the product through documentation, architecture, high fidelity prototypes and finished interface designs; bring the customer's brand experience to life on the SMRT1 POD. He works closely with the product owner, product manager and product development and content teams to help to ensure that the vision is executed to the highest level of quality. Gregg's perfect vending machine would dispense a range of beer cans/bottles from local breweries and is smart in that it asks questions to help you find the type of beer you like to drink…and verify age of majority.
Craig Hollinger
Hardware Engineer

Craig Hollinger

Craig started developing electronic projects in high school which eventually led him to UBC's Engineering program. He has worked at Children’s Hospital where projects included developing a robot that reconstituted powdered drugs and filled syringes. While there he also developed software for a system that automatically maintained oxygen levels in pre-term infants. Craig also designed the electrical system for a particle accelerator installed in Auckland, Australia. Craig is excited to work with SMRT1 to be on the ground floor of a start-up and being a part of shaping the growth of the company. Craig's dream vending machine dispenses inner tubes for his mountain bike...because he never seems to have enough.
Software Developer

Agata Zurek

Agata comes to SMRT1 Technologies with a strong skill set in programming and full stack development. Agata worked in the Geographical Information Systems sector after completing a Bachelor of Science in Geology and Earth Sciences at the University of British Columbia. Her programming experience focused on solving workflow inefficiencies and through this work she discovered a passion for coding. Agata has experience in: geochemical data integration, database design, database management, and 3D exploration visualization software.

Agata holds a certification from Treehouse in Front End Development and Full Stack JavaScript. She’s working on SMRT1’s development projects by applying her skills in: development, data management, effective communication, problem solving, and design to make beautiful and functional smart vending experiences.

Agata’s perfect smart vending machine would dispense a perfectly tuned mountain bike and a new path to explore.

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