Smart Vending Frequently Asked Questions


What is the SMRT1 POD?

At the heart of our smart vending solution is a touchscreen with an embedded processor preloaded with our software and hardware that connects a camera, speakers, and microphone to the you…
January 29, 2021

Are smart vending machines expensive to buy?

Smart vending machines vary in price, capabilities, and formats. Typically hardware will range in price ranging from $15k up to $50k or more. Price does not necessarily dictate that high end =…
January 29, 2021
contactless vendingFAQ

Are smart vending machines safe to use?

Smart vending machines are very safe to use and because the interaction can be conducted by voice (if desired) and payment is digital or contactless -- smart vending offers even more protection…
January 29, 2021
vending machines roadFAQ

What types of products can smart vending machines sell?

Smart vending machines can dispense most products. Examples of things that smart vending machines can dispense include: shoes, food, beverages, electronics, cosmetics, healthcare devices, tools, office supplies, and many other products. There’s…
January 29, 2021

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