How does the SMRT1 POD work?

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Our cloud-connected SMRT1 POD is transforming self-service opportunities with powerful analytics & reporting


Public Health Accessiblity

Smart vending machines keep people safe by engaging and educating consumers. Thrive with data-driven policies that creates positive growth.

Fresh Food & Retail Vending

Fresh Food & Automated Retail

Operate 24/7 safely, efficiently, profitably, and with a small footprint. See the customer journey with sensors and data analytics.


Enterprise IOT Solutions

Save on labour, track usage, manage inventory, and integrate data analytics into your ERP system.

Smart Vending Benefits

Growth of global smart vending projected by 2022


Sales boost with a video screen versus no screen

SMRT1 Light Bulb

Shoppers most value BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup in Store)


Increase in cashless sellers during COVID -19

SMRT1 Dashboard


Our cloud management interface makes it easy to:
  • Manage your machines and products
  • Keep track of current inventory
  • Monitor important analytics
  • Generate useful reports
  • Schedule and manage service calls
The Benefits of our Smart Vending Solution

Heads Turn

Heads Turn

Foot Traffic

Walking By
Foot Traffic


Digital Screen
Gaze Is 2X


Video Screens
Engage And


The Longer
They Spend, The
More They


More Ways
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Who We Are

SMRT1 Technologies is a Canadian smart vending technology company. We provide subscription-based software solutions that make vending machines smart.

SMRT1 works with public health, retail, food service, smart communities, and enterprise resource planning.

SMRT1’s intelligent vending solutions support safe, engaging, profitable business transactions 24/7.

What We Do

Our SMRT1 POD intelligent vending solution is a bridge between face-to-face order fulfillment and online commerce. Get products to customers quickly, efficiently, and safely.

SMRT1 POD Cloud API connects to your infrastructure and delivering vital business intelligence to decision-makers.

The SMRT1 POD recurring subscription business model allows our clients to launch and scale quickly.

How We Work

SMRT1 helps your project go from “prototype to launch”, so you feel supported. Your SMRT1 POD solution will be a reflection of your customer needs, business goals, and industry guidelines.

We will tailor your data analytics so you gain valuable insight and avoid Big Data overload.

Our team of developers, UX specialists, and business strategists, will ensure that SMRT1 POD is a profitable operational asset.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the SMRT1 POD & Personalized On-Demand?

SMRT1 POD stands for “Personalized On-Demand”. Each and every interaction on our smart vending machines are recorded via event logs, touchscreen clicks and product dispensing requests. At the heart of our smart…

Are smart vending machines expensive to buy?

Smart vending machines vary in price, capabilities, and formats. Typically hardware will range in price ranging from $15k up to $50k or more. Price does not necessarily dictate that high end =…

Are smart vending machines difficult to operate or fix?

Smart vending machines are easy to operate and are actually easier to manage than traditional vending machines because you can monitor the inventory remotely and plan your driver delivery routes based on…

News & Blog

Ensemble Moncton's Debby Warren shows the SMRT1POD fighting the opioid crisis
Case Studies

SMRT1 HEALTH POD Supporting Harm Reduction and the Opioid Crisis

Background: The Canadian drug and substance strategy is to reduce the negative impact of substance use on individuals, their friends, families, and the communities they live in. This harm-reduction strategy acknowledges that…

UpMeals Launches First Smart Vending Solution in Residential Building

UpMeals, the leading white-label, prepared-meal solution, launched its first SmartVending machine at a residential property– Devonshire Properties’ Larch Tower (Beach Towers) location in Vancouver, B.C. The newly installed machine will give the 1,000+ residents…
SMRT1 Competitive Advantage

The SMRT1 Competitive Advantage

Although there are many touchscreen vending machines in the global market as seen below in the table below, there are very few smart vending machines globally and even fewer in North America.…

The SMRT1 POD gives us the base platform to provide unmatched food experiences for our partner brands. Giving our partners access to a fully autonomous SmartVending solution that can be custom designed for their brand and deployed anywhere gives us an incredible platform for our wellness solutions, and pushes us further to achieving our food accessibility goals.

Drew MunroUp Meals

When I saw the SMRT1 POD at the Ottawa show I exclaimed I need one of those! In 3 short months, the SMRT1 POD has serviced over 3700 client visits averaging 41 visits per day. Two-thirds of those visits fall outside 9-4 business hours, increasing the capacity and reach of the existing staff. We are so thrilled that the people who use the machine refer to it as “our machine” and have embraced the technology, we knew we needed more and have now launched a second machine in Sackville NB.

Debbie WarrenExecutive Director of Ensemble Moncton, New Brunswick

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