Cloud Platform

Transforming Self-Service

Our cloud-connected SMRT1 POD, powered by Intel processors, is transforming self-service opportunities with powerful analytics & reporting tailored to your specific needs so you gain valuable insight and avoid Big Data overload.

Intel’s NUC PC design using the Dawson Canyon i7 processor provides improved graphic computing for a full-blown PC driving the 49” 4K touchscreen graphics.

  • NUC provides efficient processing power for interactive applications
  • High performance RAM and SSD storage
  • Remote management capabilities
  • Commercial grade i7 processor
  • High-speed communication for I/O devices
  • Patent-protected IP integrated with Intel processor
  • High performance computing and graphics.

Our Solutions Provide

  • Real-Time Data Collection: Cloud-connected software connects vending machine, interaction, transaction data in a single dashboard
  • Ability to connect multiple machines: Manage an unlimited number of machines with our flexible licensing model and hardware controller
  • Remote access to product inventory and pricing: Get alerts or update service calls remotely to provide immediate operational oversight
  • Foot Traffic Stats: Machine vision cameras and location-aware sensors measure traffic on and around machine
  • Customer Interaction Data: Track interaction data and provide event logs to build better business processes and user experiences
  • Promotional Advertising Capabilities: Content is easy to customise through the SMRT1 dashboard, including ads and announcements
  • Ability to Upgrade Existing Machines: Retrofit existing machines with SMRT1 Cerebrum the same process as new machines.

The SMRT1 POD gives us the base platform to provide unmatched food experiences for our partner brands. Giving our partners access to a fully autonomous SmartVending solution that can be custom designed for their brand and deployed anywhere gives us an incredible platform for our wellness solutions, and pushes us further to achieving our food accessibility goals.

Drew MunroUp Meals

When I saw the SMRT1 POD at the Ottawa show I exclaimed I need one of those! In 3 short months, the SMRT1 POD has serviced over 3700 client visits averaging 41 visits per day. Two-thirds of those visits fall outside 9-4 business hours, increasing the capacity and reach of the existing staff. We are so thrilled that the people who use the machine refer to it as “our machine” and have embraced the technology, we knew we needed more and have now launched a second machine in Sackville NB.

Debbie WarrenExecutive Director of Ensemble Moncton, New Brunswick

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