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Are smart vending machines safe to use?

Did you wash your hands today? Of course, you did. Did an employee wipe off that interactive digital display in between users? Smart vending machines are very safe to use and because…
January 29, 2021

Are smart vending machines expensive to buy?

Smart vending machines vary in price, capabilities, and formats. Typically hardware will range in price ranging from $15k up to $50k or more. Price does not necessarily dictate that high end =…
January 29, 2021

What is the SMRT1 POD & Personalized On-Demand?

SMRT1 POD stands for “Personalized On-Demand”. Each and every interaction on our smart vending machines are recorded via event logs, touchscreen clicks and product dispensing requests. At the heart of our smart…
January 29, 2021