At the heart of our smart vending solution is a touchscreen with an embedded processor preloaded with our software and hardware that connects a camera, speakers, and microphone to the you can engage customers and collect valuable data.

SMRT1 POD can be used as a kiosk, either freestanding or mounted on a surface, or it can be connected onto the front of an existing vending machine, either old or new. This process transforms normal vending machines into Personalized-on-Demand Smart Machines, we call it SMRT1 POD.

Once a SMRT1 POD is connected to our online management software, it allows businesses to control any number of machines, to view and respond to real-time performance insights dashboards, and effectively manage products, content, and inventory, in a cost-efficient way.

Our SMRT1 PODs offer an attractive complement to traditional bricks and mortar locations and online shopping; affordably getting products into the hands of consumers quicker and easier — in a safe and efficient way.

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