SMRT1 Technologies Ltd, is rolling out a brand new technology solution to help address an ever increasing number of Overdose Deaths and potentially slow the spread of Covid19-related transmissions. The new Interactive Vending System (IVS), combines the intelligent vending system hardware/software combination (developed by SMRT1 Technologies), with the proven Harm Reduction Monitoring & Testing (HRMT) encounter-management software from NucleusLabs. *This new Interactive Vending System (IVS) is being sold and supported by a new company, SMRT1 Health Solutions (Canada) Ltd.

*IVS technology from SMRT1 Health Solutions offers the following key benefits:

-A highly secure metal enclosure, access-controlled Interactive Vending System with 24×7 availability and WIFI Hot-Spot Internet connectivity.

-A 48”x28” impact-resistant touch screen allows presentation of videos, images and information specific to the location, products being vended and persons being served.

-The WAN connection between multiple IVS units provides for real-time inventory management, activity monitoring/tracking and realtime secure communications.

-Integration with NucleusLabs HRMT software enables all product-dispensing activity plus the IVS on-screen interaction data, to be combined with any previously available user/client information. This combined data stream provides important Harm Reduction program support information and can also be included in eReferrals to other wrap-around services.

-An ability to capture accurate usage data in an anonymous, pseudo-known or digitally identified manner, giving service providers and health researchers vital information to help them tailor support programs and wrap-around services for the most at-risk populations.

*Additional features & functions of the IVS System:

– Ability to present engaging digital media; (including streaming video content), provide real-time local-area health alerts (eg: toxic drugs detected or Covid19-related outbreaks), relevant educational materials, public service bulletins and eReferrals to other services.

– Distributed locations; IVS units can be placed in remote, rural or high-risk locations, then if desired can be easily relocated or reconfigured for changing user needs or the product mix.

– Secure hardware protects inventory, tracks usage and distribution, provides inventory level alerts and data rollup from single locations, or for multiple IVS units across the network.

– Provides additional communication supports to allow remote access to the IVS 24×7; enabling information streaming, direct communication to other services, online survey tools, and real-time data collection, to better assist under-served and at-risk populations.

*About NucleusLabs Information Technologies (Canada) Ltd.

Since its inception in 2000, NucleusLabs Portal-Platform Case-Management software has been continuously optimized for Service Providers in Community Living, Supported Independent Living, Community Services, Children & Youth Services, Mental Health & Addictions, Community Outreach, Harm Reduction, Syringe/Commodities Exchanges, plus Overdose Prevention & Supervised Consumption Sites.

Whether it’s managing treatment programs for Mental Health & Addictions, (by supporting front-line staff in Harm Reduction, Outreach, Needle Exchanges, Overdose Prevention & Supervised Consumption Sites, Counselling, etc.), or other programs like Youth Justice, Community Living, Residential Services, Supportive Housing, Shelters or Food Banks. NucleusLabs is providing innovative and constantly evolving software solutions fuelled by recommendations from its many thousands of daily users.

NucleusLabs’ cloud-based Portal-Platform has proven optimal for Service Providers involved in Mental Health & Addictions work including; Community Outreach, Counselling, Harm Reduction, Point of Care Testing (for HIV, HEP, STI, BBI, etc.), Commodities & Needle Exchanges. Accessible from PC’s, Tablets, or other Mobile devices. NucleusLabs Harm Reduction Monitoring & Testing (HRMT) Software, can anonymously track an individual user’s consumption history (by route/type/outcome/OD/response/etc.), and other interactions at either an Overdose Prevention or Supervised Consumption Site. The HRMT software development and testing began in 2016 on Vancouver Island and was expanded to include Vancouver’s downtown east side (DTES). Deployments have now expanded to other locations across Canada, impacted by the growing Opioid crisis and now being intensified by the Covid19 Pandemic.

NucleusLabs Portal Platform has been deployed at 250+ Community Service sites across Canada and we have trained more than 100,000 System users. This experience has given our Customer Service Team an intimate understanding of the many challenges that Community Service workers face on a daily basis.

Another core focus at NucleusLabs is providing Service Providers with effective Clinical-Outcome Measurement Tools, allowing them to truly gauge if they are really making a difference in people’s lives. Getting beyond just Statistical Outputs, into Clinical-based Outcomes, can truly make a big difference in the lives of those being served. We have seen how Service Providers using NucleusLabs software tools have achieved greater operational efficiencies at a much lower “Total Cost of Ownership” than previously thought possible.

NucleusLabs Case Management software has been designed cooperatively with all types of Community Service Agencies across Canada and is fully supported by a Customer Service Team that really understands the work being done on the front lines.

*About SMRT1 Technologies.

SMRT1 Technologies is a Canadian-grown success story. Working with the retail, food-service, tourism, and health sectors to deliver products and services safely and cost-efficiently to their customers and clientele. These sectors have been hit particularly hard by the recent Covid19 pandemic and it’s imperative that they have a way to safely deliver their products and services in a contactless manner. Using SMRT1’s cloud-connected vending POD with touch-less browsing and multiple payment options, voice navigation commands and 24×7 access, retailers can safely get products into their consumer’s hands and have the data they need to operate profitably and effectively.

SMRT1 has IVS units deployed with ANKORS (AIDS Network Kootenay Outreach and Support Society), to support their harm reduction initiatives and also dispensing PPE products including masks, hand sanitizer and other essential personal hygiene items. SMRT1 has also placed machines in the Kootenay Lake Tourism Region to support visitor way-finding 24/7, as well as working with UpMeals, a Vancouver based prepared-meal solution provider replacing buffet-style food delivery with healthy meals, delivered efficiently and automatically using preloaded payment cards.

The Intelligent vending market is projected to grow to $23B by 2024 with 38% projected to be in North America*. The North American smart vending market is relatively untapped right now and SMRT1 is positioned to dominate significant vertical segments with its solutions. In order to rapidly scale operations and enable faster product development, SMRT1 has launched its Round B Investment opportunity with FrontFundr, effective July 7, 2020. These added funds will allow SMRT1 to expand rapidly across Canada and to penetrate the huge USA retail market; exploring opportunities with box stores and iconic brands looking for an affordable way to grow their markets and realize operational efficiencies. SMRT1 will also continue to focus on enhancing functionality including integration with other established e-Commerce platforms and supply chain systems.

If you would like to participate in the global growth of intelligent Personalized On Demand (POD) vending systems, SMRT1 Technologies is offering an investment opportunity utilizing the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) “Accredited Investment Service”, with FrontFundr. Using a crowdsourcing tool like FrontFundr with a wider investor community, provides an opportunity for many individuals to make a modest investment in Canadian technology and qualify for income tax credits on their investment.

If you would like to participate in this investment opportunity, please follow this link to FrontFundr.