SMRT1 Technologies and its Healthcare partner demonstrated to the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC); the success of using SMRT1 Vending Systems for Harm Reduction.


Nelson, BC / July 28th 2021 – SMRT1 Founder and President, Brad Pommen, on behalf of World Hepatitis Day presented to the Public Health Agency of Canada; in collaboration with SMRT1 Health client, ENSEMBLE Moncton on July 22, 2021.

The presentation focused on the use of SMRT1’s intelligent vending technology to prevent harm. Both ENSEMBLE and SMRT1 demonstrated how the SMRT1 PODs have provided an essential service to the Moncton and Sackville communities in New Brunswick, particularly during the Covid pandemic.

SMRT1 has partnered with Canada’s leading clinician software provider, NucleusLabs, to provide intelligent software services to Harm Reduction sector clients, including ENSEMBLE in NB. Using this innovative software aggregation, SMRT1 PODS have been deployed to safely service communities outside of traditional business hours, as well as during lockdown periods.

Initially launched in December 2020, over 12,000 people have since accessed the SMRT1 PODs, dispensing a daily average of 200 personal hygiene and other harm-reduction related products, for the prevention and spread of transmittable diseases.

Since the first installation in Moncton, the number of visits to the ENSEMBLE premises has increased by 80% compared to the same period last year, helping ENSEMBLE in their mission to reach more members of their community, reduce harm and alleviate complex social challenges.

“We’re thrilled with the results to date and see our ability to promote and aid such an essential sector in partnership with NucleusLabs as not only a huge win for us, but for our communities in need,” said Brad Pommen, SMRT1 Technologies Founder and President.

SMRT1 and NucleusLabs’ collaborative technology allows both Community Health and Harm Reduction sector agencies to track key analytics, such as stock levels and activity rates, while also providing users with 24/7 accessibility to supplies and the ability to connect with other wrap-around support services.

By using a SMRT1 POD in Moncton, reportedly the second-highest needle drug population in Canada, ENSEMBLE, NucleusLabs and SMRT1 Technologies are shining a light on a new service-delivery model for addressing the needs of the harm reduction and health sectors across Canada and globally.

The New Brunswick SMRT1 PODs have seen a 67% increase in activity since installation, with usage far exceeding the expectations of ENSEMBLE management. The SMRT1 PODs contain items such as condoms, feminine hygiene products, Naloxone kits, meth pipes, crack kits and intravenous drug use kits. HIV and other Self-test kits also will be available in the near future.

Eight more SMRT1 PODs are planned to be deployed throughout Canada over the next few months as demand increases to meet the accessibility needs of the many communities requiring 24/7 harm reduction and support services. SMRT1 is looking to expand its services within the Health sector and is running its Seed Round B crowdfunding campaign until July 31st on FrontFundr, where investors and entrepreneurs can connect. Visit to find out more and to invest.

SMRT1’s campaign funds are planned to go toward initiatives to grow their business in this essential sector and to further enhance its technology for Healthcare markets.