Smart vending and intelligent vending are terms that are often used interchangeably. The difference between smart vending and intelligent vending is that smart vending machines access customer shopping trends through the cloud, and use the information gathered to engage your customers to deliver a personalized on-demand experience. Intelligent vending machines use the customer and operational data to drive profitability and efficiency for the business.

Intel says…

“Today’s intelligent vending systems are not the ordinary snack dispensers you grew up with. Vending technology is evolving quickly, and new machines are engaging shoppers like never before with touch-screen controls, video, audio, scent, gesture-based interaction, and cashless payment.

Today’s vending machines are evolving to be more than just vending machines. With high-definition displays running rich graphics, the ability to interact with the customer’s smart phone, and more, Intel® technology enables continuing innovation to benefit both the customer and virtually everyone in the vending industry.”