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HEADLINE: Canadian-grown SMRT1 Technologies launches FrontFundr campaign July 7, 2020.

Smart vending is one of the ways businesses need to survive the COVID-19 pandemic and SMRT1 POD (Personalized on Demand) is the perfect solution.

Nelson, British Columbia:

SMRT1 Technologies is a Canadian-grown success story. This technology startup is working with the retail, food-service, tourism, and health sectors to deliver products and services safely and efficiently to customers. These sectors have been hit particularly hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and it’s imperative that they have a way to safely deliver their products and services when human contact isn’t possible. Using SMRT1’s cloud-connected vending POD with touchless browsing and payment options, voice-activated commands and 24/7 access, retailers can safely get products into the consumers’ hands and have the data they need to operate profitably and effectively.

SMRT1 has PODs deployed with ANKORS (AIDS Network Kootenay Outreach and Support Society) to support harm prevention initiatives dispensing products including masks, hand sanitizers, and other essential products — while monitoring the distribution and collecting valuable data. SMRT1 has also placed machines in the Kootenay Lake Tourism Region to support visitor wayfinding 24/7 as well as working with UpMeals, a Vancouver based prepared meal solution provider to replace buffet-style food delivery with safe, efficient healthy meals, delivered automatically via preloaded payment cards.

The Intelligent vending market is projected to grow to $23B by 2024 with 38% projected to be in North America*. The North American smart vending market is relatively untapped right now and SMRT1 is positioned to dominate with our solution.

In order to scale operations and product development, SMRT1 is launching its Seed Round B investment raise with FrontFundr July 7, 2020. These funds will allow SMRT1 to hire additional marketing and sales staff to expand within Canada and to penetrate the USA retail market exploring opportunities with box stores and brands looking for an affordable way to grow their markets and realize operational efficiencies. SMRT1 will also focus on enhanced functionality including integration with other e-commerce platforms and supply chain systems.

Fundraising for startups is typically difficult for a rural Canadian company but in these tenuous times, it is even more trying. Using a crowdsourcing tool like FrontFundr, with a wider investor community, provides an opportunity for any Canadian to invest in local talent.


“I started SMRT1 Technologies as a way to offer businesses a way to bridge e-commerce with bricks and mortar. I’m more excited than ever at how the SMRT1’s cloud-connected, engaging vending solutions can help with restarting the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Brad Pommen, President/Founder SMRT1 Technologies

“The SMRT1 solutions will allow us to provide unmatched value for our partner brands, by dispending custom-branded, healthy meals on demand via a beautifully designed interface. Custom dashboards will give me data on customer needs and alert me to low stock or pending expiration dates.”

Drew Munroe, CEO/Co-Founder UpMeals

“BC is currently in the midst of two major public health emergencies; the ongoing overdose crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. Providing services in remote communities to promote health and wellness is a priority for ANKORS. SMRT1 is one of the businesses that has enabled ANKORS to position themselves as a tech-savvy, information-based, sophisticated community health and support organization.”

Cheryl Dowden, Executive Director ANKORS

“The Nelson Kootenay Lake Region has a brand that’s quaint, sophisticated, quirky — rich in arts, culture with a thriving culinary scene. Smart tourism using the SMRT1 platform allows us to deliver on that brand promise in every touchpoint.”

Dianna Ducs, Executive Director of Nelson & Kootenay Lake Tourism

FrontFundr Investment Launch

  • July 7, 2020, 9 am PST
    Minimum investment $500
  • EBC 30% tax benefit for BC investors over $1,000
  • FrontFundr uses today’s technology to enable entrepreneurs to raise money from a much larger investor community. FrontFundr provides an opportunity for Canadian seasoned investors and the wider public to come together to directly drive innovation and entrepreneurship. With FrontFundr, both experienced and regular investors are able to exercise a positive influence on businesses they would like to see succeed.

“Details of the offering can be found in the offering documents. This communication is for informational purposes only.”

About SMRT1 Technologies Ltd.:

SMRT1 Technologies is a technology company based in Nelson, British Columbia. SMRT1 specializes in internet-connected vending and kiosk solutions that provide a contactless, frictionless, convenient, data-rich, and engaging customer experience for automated retail.

*Source Global Intelligent Vending Machine Market 2020-2024: