Smart vending machines make more money than traditional vending machines because they can dispense a wide variety of products with a higher price point like fresh foods, electronics, cosmetics, and jewelry.

Smart vending machines can upsell extra add on purchases via the interactive cloud-connected screen. By providing brand-centric media, product photos and in-depth details which inform and delight customers.

Smart vending machines also take a wide variety of payment types which increases sales conversion and customer convenience. Click & Collect is driven by customer demand, whether debit, credit, digital currencies or client digital wallets.

The interactive touch screens can display ads, engage customers, and also give you a place to sell advertising space to other businesses to generate more revenue. Traditional snack vending is limited by low-margin products.

Read our blog post here to see all of the statistics around smart vending and increased sales. Reaching customers directly and providing engaging interactive experiences will drive revenue potential.