Cloud Connected Public Health


Make smarter public health decisions that support the individual’s health-care journey with SMRT1 POD smart vending technology.

The SMRT1 POD cloud healthcare platform can be deployed effectively and efficiently to dispense much needed health-care products and services safely, securely, and efficiently.

Data analytics support actionable, expedient, and accurate strategies to foster community health and wellness.

With SMRT1 POD Public Health Cloud

Ensure Safe Access

SMRT1’s automated dispensing technology provides 24/7 service to remote locations. Transactions are safe because they are contactless and controlled. Products are protected by hardware designed to withstand attempts to compromise it and the small footprint of the smart vending machine allows it to transact in secure, private settings.

Engage & Educate

Increase health care knowledge and encourage healthy choices by utilizing SMRT1 POD video screens to engage, inform and educate the public. Match people with the right solutions and support by connecting them to the organizations and information best suited to their health care needs.

Actionable Analytics

Identify actionable opportunities to improve care and solve health-related needs with data dashboards that provide real-time data analytics. Vendor-agnostic interfaces allow the expedient and efficient integration with legacy systems — so you can have visibility across the network. Support stressed health-care teams with insight that lets them focus on the health-care issues that are most urgent.

Drug use doesn't happen in business hours. It's about connecting people to community. And we don't ever want to lose that connection

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