We at SMRT1 Technologies talk a lot about our smart vending technology, but did you know that our 4ft touchscreen display, which connects directly to our cloud-based software, can also exist as a standalone unit? Though initially designed to be retrofitted onto the likes of vending machines and automated locker systems, our touchscreen display is fast becoming a useful standalone solution for remote healthcare such as telehealth services.

One of the major challenges in Canadian healthcare today is staff shortages, with rural areas across the country being affected the most. Citizens in small towns especially are losing access to essential emergency services as there aren’t enough doctors and nurses to fill shifts. Though telehealth services are fast becoming the norm through smartphones and tablets, where patients can connect with general practitioners for virtual appointments, they’re often limited to video calling and some data collection. These services, though very useful, are resulting in significantly less comprehensive physical examinations and also pose security risks if, for example, a patient’s personal device is infected with any sort of spyware or malware. 

Having dedicated healthcare screens for telehealth services that are securely monitored 24/7 can alleviate some of these initial security risks, furthermore, these dedicated screens can be upgraded with the latest technological advancements in healthcare to perform physical examinations remotely, more thoroughly. As technology advances and becomes widely adopted, staffing shortages could soon become a thing of the past, especially if advanced robotics in healthcare and AI technology are utilized to efficiently diagnose and treat typical symptoms that fill up clinic waiting rooms.

As SMRT1 Technologies continues to develop healthcare solutions to combat harm reduction and staff burnout, it’s only a matter of time before a patient walks into their local healthcare facility to receive quality care and comprehensive treatment–24/7, and at the fraction of the cost without ever needing to interact with human staff. Telehealth, telemedicine and even telesurgery is fast becoming the coveted solution to improve the access to quality healthcare, and at the center of all these services will be a 4ft touchscreen display with a user-friendly interface and built in peripherals to securely connect patients to their healthcare providers.

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