Smart Communities


Engage and support citizens, visitors, and businesses with data-driven community services delivered via SMRT1 POD cloud-connected kiosks and vending machines.

Drive efficiencies and savings by serving your constituents anytime, anywhere. Connect customers with local businesses easily and view changing traffic patterns and queries to anticipate and understand shifts in needed support.

With SMRT1 Tourism Pod

Small Footprint & Convenience

The SMRT1 POD small footprint lets you place smart vending machines to intercept the customer at their convenience.

Engage & Educate

Digital display screens engage and educate customers so they can buy with confidence and anticipation.

Actionable Analytics

Data analytics dashboards let you monitor trends and the customer journey at a glance — so you can adapt quickly to shifts in preferences.

Instead of employees performing manual data input, this activity will be both automatic and in real-time, saving valuable time. Data quality will also be better, with the granularity needed to see where and when certain events are happening. Not only will people be able to make better, more timely decisions, but the machine tools, people, and software systems will all be part of a big, data-based ecosystem. That’s the ultimate value behind Industry 4.0 and the IoT.

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