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In a post-COVID-19 world, corporate environments are changing; shift work, flex time, and staggered schedules demand for more variety and shorter lead times. Feeding a group of 100 people with a single menu and service time will be impossible for the foreseeable future.

SMRT1 Technologies, a Nelson-based technology start-up and UpMeals of Vancouver BC have signed an agreement to launch 22 SMRT1 POD (Personalized-On-Demand) smart vending machines across Canada over the next 3 years.

SMRT1 POD smart vending machines harness technology to make healthy food available 24/7 for corporate and retail environments. UpMeals uses unique, innovative processes to handle the R&D, packaging, and labeling while the SMRT1 POD ensures safe, convenient delivery to the customer with real-time data to ensure freshness and full visibility into the customer journey.

Nelson, British Columbia:

SMRT1 Technologies is a Canadian-grown success story. This technology start-up is working with the retail, food-service, tourism, and health sectors to deliver products and services safely and efficiently to customers. These sectors have been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic and it’s imperative that they have a way to safely deliver their products and services when human contact isn’t possible. SMRT1’s cloud-connect vending software ensures that businesses have the data they need to operate profitably and effectively.

SMRT1 launched a FrontFundr campaign on July 7 at frontfundr.com/smrt1 to raise their second seed round of funding. Investing in SMRT1 through the FrontFundr campaign is a great way for everyday Canadians to help BC start-ups like SMRT1 build on this exciting traction with UpMeals and many other opportunities being presented.

Details of the offering can be found in the offering documents. This communication is for informational purposes only.

UpMeals is a food technology start-up based in Vancouver BC co-founded by Chefs Drew Munro and Ryan Angel. UpMeals is a team of professional chefs, nutritionists, and designers that uses technology to empower organizations to provide healthy, branded food solutions to their customers or employees. UpMeals is committed to assisting their clients in designing safe, customized wellness solutions to help them safely re-enter the workplace, reach their customers in new and exciting ways, and use Smart Vending technology to obtain data, analytics, and powerful insights.


“I started SMRT1 Technologies as a way to offer businesses a way to get products into their customers’ hands safely and profitably. I’m more excited than ever at how SMRT1’s cloud-connected, engaging vending solutions can help with restarting the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic – especially for those hard-hit sectors like foodservice.”

Brad Pommen: President & Founder SMRT1 Technologies

“Our mission has and always will be 24/7 healthy food accessibility through technology. The SMRT1 POD gives us the base platform to provide unmatched food experiences for our partner brands. Giving our partners access to a fully autonomous SmartVending solution that can be custom designed for their brand and deployed anywhere gives us an incredible platform for our wellness solutions and pushes us further to achieving our food accessibility goals.

Drew Munro, CEO & Co-Founder, UpMeals

Upcoming Event:

UpMeals and SMRT1 Discuss the Future of Food Service and Technology

Brad Pommen – President/Founder of SMRT1 Technologies and Drew Munro / Co-Founder of UpMeals will discuss how the foodservice industry can reinvent its business model to survive the COVID-19 pandemic and thrive by embracing technology.

You are invited to a Zoom webinar.

When: Aug 11, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Topic: The Future of Food Service and Technology

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About SMRT1 Technologies Ltd:

SMRT1 Technologies is a technology company based in Nelson, British Columbia. SMRT1 specializes in internet-connected vending and kiosk solutions that provide a contactless, frictionless, convenient, data-rich, and engaging customer experience for automated retail.