SMRT1 Technologies Ltd. is pleased to announce the appointment of Terry Van Horn to the position of CEO as of May 1, 2020.

Although Terry officially joined the SMRT1 team this January, she has been a trusted advisor and investor in the company for several years. She has been committed to delivering the vision at every level and building successful business partnerships. As CEO, Terry will guide our early pilot locations into the large brand and box-store opportunities where we will be focused on health and wellness, loss prevention, and omnichannel retail commerce; as well as develop our investment strategy as we explore mechanisms of growth and continued momentum.

“We are excited to have Terry lead the Executive Team,” said Pommen. “Terry brings humility and a deep passion for technology to our users, partners, and our employees every day; there is no one we have relied on more since SMRT1 was founded, and no better person to lead SMRT1 Technologies into the future. SMRT1 will not just survive in this tumultuous time, we will thrive. We are excited to take another big step forward and grow our company.”

Terry will report directly to founder Brad Pommen residing as Chair of the Board and President. SMRT1’s goal is to grow the SMRT1 team without limits, and provide SMRT1 with the ongoing focus to shift and grow the business culture. The path to extending our executive leadership team will continue to evolve in the coming years.

SMRT1’s recent launch of Health and Wellness focused locations at ANKORS in Nelson, BC are among several pilots that the company launched in the past year. Additional SMRT1 Health POD (Personalized On-Demand) units will be placed in several BC communities this summer.

“The pandemic crisis has forever changed how we, as a society, regard our health and wellness as a primary need of every person. Fortunately for us, our products can safely empower every community while navigating life and retail needs by providing a modern platform that reduces physical contact for our customers, all the while collecting valuable interaction data. A health-focused solution provides a direct market approach when answering the call of today’s safe new world of retail,” said Pommen.

(Pictured: BC Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Competitiveness, Michelle Mungall, recently toured the tech industry in Nelson with Brad Pommen and Terry Van Horn of SMRT1 Technologies)